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Products > Surface Plates > Granite Surface Plates > 38-810
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Weight:80.00 KG
Dimensions:65 x 65 x 18
In Stock:Yes
$825.00 AUD + Tax  
Surface Plate 600x600mm
Granite surface plates have virtually replaced the cast iron plates which were used before World War II because of price and maintenance costs, corrosion (rust) resistance, superior accuracy, less response to temperature changes,
no humping when damaged by a severe blow, warp resistance, non-seizing surface, and non-magnetic. Because of granite's lower coefficient of thermal expansion, granite will respond less than cast iron (steel) to temperature changes,
which may distort the accuracy of the surface plate.
PRECISION GRANITE SURFACE PLATES are made of black granite which is stronger and denser than light colored granite, more stable, and wears longer. The granite properties
determine the stiffness of the granite and accuracies can be guaranteed with less thickness than other types of granite. This translates to less freight and handling whenever the plate is shipped or moved.
MeasuMAX Granite Surface Plate include an adjustable levelling metal stand. The granite surface plate sits on 3 adjustable jacks for easy levelling
Each plate is calibrated in a controlled environment at 20
Manufactured to Grade De Precision DIN00
Flatness within 3.253?m
Hard wearing
Test Certificate
Does not include NATA certification
Price AUD + Tax
STAND HxLxW680x460x410   
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