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Products > Gauge Blocks > 11 Pce Gauge Block Set > 37-265
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Model:11 Piece
Capacity:Grade 1
Weight:1.80 KG
Dimensions:20 x 13 x 6
In Stock:Low
$192.50 AUD + Tax  
Gauge Block Set Grade 1
Designed for the checking of micrometers and calipers. The standards are taken at 20°C
With high accuracy & lower surface roughness
Excellent wring performance - High tolerance stability
All blocks meet ISO/JIS & DIN Standards
With round and straight chamfered on each corner of gauge blocks
*Nata Certification not included
Gauge blocks (also known as gage blocks, Johansson gauges, slip gauges, or Jo blocks) are precision ground and lapped.
Grade I or (AA) suitable for Calibration
Tolerance +0.00010 mm to -0.00005 mm) used to calibrate inspection blocks, very high precision gauging, micrometers and other measuring instruments

Gauge Blocks
25.0, 27.5, 30.1, 32.7, 35.3, 37.9, 40.0, 42.6, 45.2, 47.8, 50.0mm
Price AUD + Tax
NO. BLOCKS11    
STD LENGTH SERIES(mm)25,27.5,30.1,32.7,35.3,37.9,40,42.6,45.2,47.8,50    
NOTEDIN 861   
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