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Products > Data Transfer > Interface Cables And Programs > 40-4061
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Weight:0.18 KG
Dimensions:21.5 x 16.5 x 3.5
In Stock:Yes
$209.00 AUD + Tax  
Data Interface Cable with USB Connection
Used to transfer data from 34-2205 digital indicators.
Measumax digital USB option, allows for the interface of certain DIGITAL INDICATORS with a computer using the USB port of a computer. No program is required with the data directly downloaded to Excel.
The Measumax data Interface system is a fast and easy to use data transfer system, with statistical analysing for every quality control situation. It is designed to be used by both experts and novices alike.
Easy to use is one of the key features of the data transfer system. With just a few clicks of the mouse you are ready to enter the data directly onto an excel spread sheet template supplied or into any other excel template. To record the data select the excel field that will store the data and then press “DATA” on the transfer box and the entry will be recorded. Each time the data is entered the record will be entered down the page.
Price AUD + Tax
40-4061 $209.002m USB 34-2205
40-4081 $209.002m USB 36-210
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